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I know I have a website and all but how about we grab coffee and discuss there?
PS- The coffee is on me!

Guess you decided to stay anyway! Yay!

Alright, I'm going to blow your mind with some amazing content!!


Oh before that, a formal introduction right?

You already know my name now, yes, hey I'm Kaushik Kannan!

I love to talk!

I'm an Orator and a Theater Artist.

I'm passionate about Sales and Marketing.

Well, that's enough for now. Anyway, this whole site is about me so we'll discuss more as you scroll through!

Some of the tricks I have up my sleeve

Things I've done and places I've been



Lead Development Representative

This is where I am now!

I help the sales team identify prospects, understand and nurture them.


Hatch School of Code

Mr.Computer (I teach kids coding!) & Business Development Manager

I took coding classes for kids aged 5-12! Yes, that's right, 5-12!! Oh, what fun that was.

I was also their BDM tying up with Schools and Cultural Centers to run our program. (Fascinating? Here's more!)



Business Development Manager

Hatch is a Chennai based Tech Start-Up where I bridge people with dreams of having their own app or website to the people who could build it.

(Head over here to know more)


EdJoy Education


I came up with their website. Managed the social media pages and made some killer presentations. (Here's more on what I did)


Red Bull

Senior Student Brand Manager

As the Student Brand Manager at Red Bull, I was in charge of Brand Awareness and Marketing. I'd like to brag and point out that I was the first Senior Student Brand Manager of Red Bull Chennai!

(Sounds Exciting, I want to know more!)


I wasn't kidding when I said my content is kickass!

Woah! Champ, you actually made it all the way down here! I love you! Come over here, let me give you a big wet kiss!

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